07 Jun 2018

Stack Overflow's Toxicity Problem

Stack Overflow has been getting a lot of heat lately for being a toxic and hostile community, specifically towards beginners. What people aren’t mentioning is that everyone who’s used Stack Overflow, to a certain degree, is at fault for it being perceived as unfriendly towards beginners.

01 Jun 2018

Five Tips for Learning How to Code

You've made your decision to learn how to code and now it's time to get started. But how do you do it? As a self-taught programmer I've been through the struggle of learning how to code and if I had to do it again, this is how I'd do it.

23 May 2018

Why "Never Work for Less Than $X" Is Horrible Advice

If you're trying to get into tech and you have an offer from a company, *do not* listen to this type of advice. Don't think back on a Medium article you saw that said developers should never accept less than $70,000 a year because anything lower than that is ripping you off. That may be true for the author, but is it true for you?

21 May 2018

The Case Against Mandating Maternity and Paternity Leave

In many ways the tech industry serves as the one to push the boundaries of the workplace. From in-office amenities, gym memberships, catered lunches, and a variety of other benefits the tech industry leads and others follow. The one benefit that seems to have the most traction at the moment is mandated maternity and paternity leave.

16 May 2018

Startups vs. Corporations vs. Agencies: What's Best for You?

Whether you're already working in tech or you're looking to in the near future at some point you'll have to decide where you want to work. Thankfully I've had the opportunity to work in a variety of different companies and environments to see the pros and cons of each. So here's list of my pros and cons between startups, corporations, and agencies.

09 May 2018

How to Prepare for Your Next Technical Interview

Technical interviews aren't fun. Every single person I know in the industry hates how companies conduct technical interviews but they all keep doing the same thing. So until things change, how should you prepare for the interview? Here are a few tips I've learned since I entered the industry.

04 Oct 2017

How I Motivate Myself to Learn

There’s two skills I’ve developed over the past few years that I value more than almost anything else I’ve ever done: learning how to code and building a habit of working out.

23 Sep 2017

The Political Pendulum

It’s been just over a month now since the Google Memo was first published by Gizmodo. Since then, we’ve already seen other companies such as YouTube, Eventbrite, and MailChimp take similar politically motivated actions like Google.

02 Dec 2016

Exclusion in Diversity and Inclusion Initiatives

The two biggest virtue signaling buzzwords in tech right now are “diversity” and “inclusion”. Tech is supposedly an industry rampant with racist and misogynistic white men using despicable hiring criteria like “culture fit” – how dare you want to work with people you’d enjoy being around five days a week – which does nothing but deter people within underrepresented groups from tech.

31 Oct 2016

What Peter Thiel Never Said

The political and social climate of Silicon Valley was summed up perfectly today. Investor Peter Thiel, a man who has gay sex but isn’t gay, spoke at the National Press Club to defend his decision to support Donald Trump. He’s the only prominent figure within tech, and industry at the forefront of diversity and inclusion, to publicly support Donald Trump and the backlash was so severe he’s forced to defend it.

03 Sep 2016

In Defense of Douglas Crockford

Two days ago the tech conference Nodevember announced that they would be removing a keynote speaker from their lineup in an effort to make their conference a more comfortable environment for all attendees.

06 Apr 2016

My Senior Project: Government Corruption 101

After many weekends of “I’ll do it next weekend” I finally managed to get around to filing my taxes. A libertarian’s worst nightmare. It’s a weird situation because I know I’m getting money back and I know it will arrive in a few weeks but the process itself is so bad I never want to do it. I hate it.

24 Mar 2016

LambdaConf Is Embracing True Diversity

Tech is a weird place right now. There aren’t enough programmers who are women, gay, or people of races other than white and Asian. Diversity is great as long as you agree with the conventional definition of diversity. How inclusive, right?

22 Mar 2016

Child Labor Laws Are Outdated

I recently managed to find two screenshots from the first website I ever made when I was around 12 years old. I have no idea what was going on in my brain at the time but for whatever reason I wanted to make my own website and design my own “forum sigs”.

18 Mar 2016

I Started a Podcast

I started a podcast. I’ve wanted to start my own for a long time but as usual I tend to sit on an idea for a long time before I finally act on it. Sometimes I think this is a bad trait but I wonder if it serves as a mechanism for me to internally test my level of commitment before jumping in.

26 Jan 2015

Why Ideas Are Cheap

I was recently contacted by someone looking for help with their startup. They’re planning on releasing an alpha version within the next few weeks and they wanted me to help polish things up on the front-end and potentially join their team to lead their front-end development. We set up a time to talk and started going into the details of their business. It didn’t take long before I asked them how they planned on making money [1].

24 Aug 2014

Where's Snapchat's 'Our Story' for Ferguson?

Roughly two months ago, Snapchat released their “Our Story” feature. Similar to the “My Story” feature available to all users of the app, the “Our Story” feature provides the ability for a curated channel of snaps by Snapchat users that’s accessible to everyone. Its debut was at the Electric Daisy Carnival, a dance music festival with roughly 140,000 people in attendance.

01 Jun 2014

Little Brother, if I had to go to college again

My brother recently moved away from home to begin his first semester of college. I thought about my first semester of college and how much I changed during those four years. As I put myself in his shoes I thought to myself - what would I do differently if I had to go through college one more time? What would I do the same?

25 Mar 2014

The prisoner's dilemma of the UFC

Since the UFC’s debut in 1993, the sport has seen many changes in its rules both for entertainment purposes as well as a means to increase the level of protection for the fighters. In the early days of the UFC, fighters entered the octagon without gloves and would fight to the finish. A fight could only end through submission, knockout, a referee stoppage, or the classic throwing of the towel. Fighters today wear gloves and compete in fights that are typically three or five rounds that last five minutes each. Perhaps the most significant change was the introduction of weight classes. Now, fighters are matched against other fighters of similar and nearly identical weight.

09 Oct 2013

Google Glass is ahead of its time

Google Glass is futuristic and it’s a step in the right direction. Wearable computing is the future of mobile technology but wearable devices are nothing but a novelty if they aren’t paired with the correct interface and this is where Glass falls short.

08 Oct 2013

Why the exchange rate and public opinion of Bitcoin doesn't matter

I’ve had my fair share of conversations about Bitcoin with people who are both for it and against it. Reasons for an individual’s interest in Bitcoin seem to vary widely from an economics or finance background to a political one to fight against a nationalized currency whose fate lies in the hands of a few unelected individuals. It’s great to see Bitcoin bringing people together from such a variety of backgrounds.

06 Oct 2013

Snapchat got me

Snapchat is one of those apps I installed on my phone expecting to remove in a week. I couldn’t see myself using it. Why would I want to send someone a temporary picture?