"The advice and techniques in this book landed me my dream job and literally doubled my salary. Well worth the $99 bucks, so much so that I have been waiting for it to be for sale just to pay the man for the good he has done to my career." -Levi Robertson

The Angular Tutorial teaches the Angular framework with an approach that simulates how a front-end developer would use Angular on the job. Many tutorials cut corners on specific concepts or features within a web framework which leave gaps between what is learned and what a developer can expect on the job. In The Angular Tutorial, you’ll be introduced to Angular in a way that’s as “real world” as possible.

In other books, interacting with a real API and database is often skipped with hard-coded values used as a substitute. Topics such as automated testing are usually skipped entirely. In The Angular Tutorial, you’ll be provided an API that you’ll setup just as you would as a front-end developer in a real job. Throughout the rest of the book you’ll then learn how to read the API’s documentation, creating and deploying a fully tested Angular application that interacts with a real database and API.

11 Jul 2018

Code Companion #8: Embrace the Suck

Learning a new skill is difficult. It’s easy to give up and it’s easy to beat yourself up. So this week and I want to take a quick break from coding to offer you some words of encouragement. Hopefully this will help you solidify your drive to learn how to program.

04 Jul 2018

Code Companion #7: Automated Testing

In this tutorial we're going to take a look at automated testing. Automated testing is a way for us to automate the testing of our code—something we've been doing manually up until this point. We’ll be taking a test-driven development (TDD) approach meaning we’ll write our tests first. These tests will initially be failing (referred to as red in TDD) because the actual code hasn’t been written yet. Then we’ll write the code, run the test again, and (hopefully) verify that our tests are passing (referred to as green in TDD).